it can finally come true to life – and it'll be so much better than what you wanted. so, you know what to do ... ♡
yeah...just like that ★☆ ... in fact,
wow! kinda ruined it, but that's fine right if..?
you tried to keep it, that's so great ♡
.. if it keeps you coming back! maybe ³o ¼'ll be nice ªì ®É ¡A if you can get really the end we'll have fun!

Want to make a new friend?
Fun to hold, cuddle, adore. it loves to
be doted on, and stays happy and
effective, and would love to meet new people.
sorry, you're not a premium don't really know what's going on!
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this stranger possesses a disposition.

hey, you don't mind if I...?
it's what you want - trashed and crushed down hard!
disposable ... disposable ...
what's one more if I want? too bad you can't afford to waste it just for kicks...