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how many ­µ ·¥ ¤§ ¬ can you...?
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☆ NQA auxillilinxi ☆ ! (read description)
Well, I don't's not that I don't trust it, it's that I don't really trust it, you know? At first I wasn't worried about the "less than one in a million odds" of it causing Type B effects, but now it's been in the apartment for over a month. The novelty has worn off, and it keeps staring at me like a wiggly ticking time bomb, so I kinda just want it off my hands. What you do with it is up to you.
No flakes.
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this stranger possesses a disposition.

want to see those lips touch down?
two brand new stars, and they're here tonight
there's no turning back from this
but who cares what the price is? I don't have to pay it