description of content: a long and tubular stranger with a few bunches of thin arms at irregular intervals. it seems to be attached to the prominent pipes, which extend to the canvas's edges. small tubes attach the stranger to its environment; it's hard to tell whether they're guts, or artificial wires.
There's so many pipes - you found an abandoned minigame, and you're about to get the high score! No one told you it was so much fun, and if you make it all the way to the end, you'll be able to meet the extrabinxy. Whoa! The pipes are getting smaller and smaller, and now they're going in different directions and your fingers and legs are slipping out of your grasp! Now your body is too narrow to hold onto the ribbons as every single piece of you gets washed down the sewers.
You got too thin trying to meet the extrabinxy.
did you know?
Dehydration sounds pretty scary, doesn't it? It would be absolutely terrible if you didn't drink enough glasses of clear, healthy water.
What is an extrabinxy? ek-stra-BINK-see
1 ft 1 in
3 lbs + ???
The extrabinxy is ...