who says we're the "Bad Guys"??
maybe OTHER people but have you considered a career in the armed forces today??
its COOL its FUN its ACTION and success for your future starts with just ONE simple trick ±¾ ¦W ªº ¤Q ¼Ó strong $$$ get out of debt, with guns!!!
help! America is under attack!!
Our borders don't mean anything, we're losing our coal due to IMPOTENCE, they'll put Malcolm X onto Mt. Rushmore??? Bold Patriots like YOU can become part of the solution - defend the constitution for only #$$$ payments RIGHT to ME, VIEWERS so they BELIEVE you!

Difficult to injure and will attack men on site
Exciting Stranger Handling Oppurtunity for Local Women
Looking for young women (ages 18-24) to help relocate this stranger (they only cooperate with young women) with me. No experience necessary - I will tell you what you need to do from a safe distance. Dangerous to men but docile to women, a great starting experience! Paid when we finish.
listed on ▝▟▗▘/▝▝/▗▚ at 04:55PM
this stranger possesses a disposition.

there's a biological secret ...
have you ever wanted to learn how to HACK?? how about hacking women's BIOCHEMISTRY? how about making women unable to resist YOU? it's just pheromones, chemical tricks ¶}
tactical backpacks, tactical knives, tactical rope, tactical sedatives, tactical cleaning wipes, tactical zip ties, tactical lubricants, tactical teeth whitener »