the compositors
prefix spectrezane suffix -
1 ft, 2 in
5 ft, 6 in
size variance
core temp.
1 month-92 years
no. appearing
1 (85%) / 2 (15%)
physical appearance
The spectrezane /ˈspektɹəˌzeɪni/ is a thin-striped grey stranger with a rounded, black-tipped snout and limbs. Although tangible in appearance, it has no solid form and cannot be touched. Its body emits a diffuse, light colorless cloud, the properties of which are contingent upon light levels; in bright conditions, this aura dims and clouds the spectrezane's form, while in dark conditions, it causes the spectrezane to glow.
It is mute.
dull silence.
environment and generation
The spectrezane appears in low-ceilinged rooms with repeating structures (serial columns being found in 97% of generation sites). Other common sites include enclosed parking structures with its spaces marked by a regular grids, storage facilities with rows of evenly placed rooms, or unfinished office building frames.
The more saturated a space, the less likely a spectrezane infestation becomes. Intense shades of colors, such as neon lighting, dissuade it entirely; even a single red bead in the corner of a room can be vibrant enough to stave off the spectrezane.
The spectrezane generates instantaneously, and in pairs 15% of the time.
A lone spectrezane displays no actions, instead remaining motionless.
Aside from an increase in fuzziness to its texture, the spectrezane is unaffected by colorful objects.
there's only one thing left
you always knew...
you can finally say those words.
interactions with sensitives
The spectrezane becomes physically active and reveals a bemused demeanor when around sensitives, its limbs reaching upwards in lackadaisical ambulatory movements (with a dislocating "unlocking" of rigidity during its first stretches) and its aura shimmering in undulating shifts. Though it changes its position, it does not move from the spot in which it generates. Some spectrezane appear more animated than others, but none display any overt alarm or excitement.
When approached by a sensitive, a spectrezane creates two-dimensional holograms that circle the stranger in loops, the angle of the halo varying, but tending to be equatorial. These holograms resemble human beings viewed from the front or back (depending on the angle at which they are viewed), their pose bilaterally symmetrical and their legs no more than a hand's width apart; beyond that, the angle of their arms, and the expression on their face, appear initially random.
These holograms depict individuals which have been killed by strangers within the city in which the spectrezane appears, their appearance that which it was 36 hours before their death. The presentation of these holograms are further influenced by the disposition and values of the sensitive during an encounter. For instance, in the presence of more puritanical sensitives, the spectrezane creates clothed holograms. These garments are always white to light grey, and depict plain and unadorned styles, such a t-shirts, loose-fitting long-sleeve shirts, or scrub like pants. Less austere individuals, however, cause nude holograms to appear. These responses do not appear fixed.
During the examination, the "people" began to wear less and less, and in the process of calibrating the instruments, I averted my gaze. I looked back, all were clothed once more. The examination was otherwise, unremarkable. F. E. Wyssesion. Medical Case Files for Advanced Publication.
With each new hologram, the spectrezane's grey aura diffuses outwards, clouding the air around it and making its own form less distinct, though never becoming too blurry to discern. As new holograms appear, old ones fade away, with no more than twelve holograms circling the spectrezane at a time. Each hologram appears for anywhere from fifteen seconds to eight minutes.
In its bewildered state, the spectrezane seems even more fascinated by these holograms than the sensitive itself, its eye markings stretching wider and its hands reaching out at any humanforms that float too close.
The spectrezane cannot be killed, and when attacked, fades out for a number of seconds before reappearing without any change to its appearance or effect. With each intended assault to its body, however, the holograms change to reflect increasing levels of injury.
1 A bruise upon the eye.
2 A dislocated jaw.
3 A blood-swollen wrist.
4 A broken arm.
5 Seventeen cuts upon the arms and sides.
6 A sliced throat.
7 Profuse bleeding from all orifices.
8 Three bloody patches on the chest in which all skin has been ripped away.
9 Five gunshot wounds.
10 A mangled face with features no longer recognizable.
11 The brain exposed.
12 The bowels eviscerated and hanging down to the knees.
13 The entirety of the skin charred black.
14 Limbs ripped from above the elbows and knees.
15 Decapitation.
16 The skin flayed.
All subsequent holograms retain this level of injury for the duration of the spectrezane's life.
spectrezane pairs
Spectrezane that appear in pairs cause interference to one another, with their holograms presenting with increasing levels of distortion.
These holograms become cumulatively more distorted with each new humanform, until after a maximum of thirteen minutes, both spectrezane cancel out the other, and all production of holography ceases, as do the spectrezane's greater actions.
1 Lines radiated outwards from the eyes.
2 The edges of the body flickered and shimmered.
3 Three color channels shifted out of sync.
4 1 and 3.
5 Trails that followed the hologram's path.
6 A duplication of the eyes shimmering outwards and downwards.
7 2, 5, and a glistening pattern that snaked around the wrinkles.
8 1, 3, 5, 6.
9 1, 6, 7, and an ebbing and flowing multicolored light.
10 3, 9, and a series of rippling shadows that darted intermittently through the air.
11 4, 8, 10, and a mosaic effect in areas of low detail.
aging and death
When the spectrezane dies, the image of its body becomes flat and two-dimensional, the plane of compression varying, but the transition occurring instantaneously. Unlike a living spectrezane, attempts to mutilate or attack its corpse results in the display of human-like wounds.
The corpse remains for an indeterminate amount of time that is never longer than the spectrezane's lifespan, flickering out of existence with no transition or by-products.