the little report
prefix shiuu suffix deri
phezanz zi rhothe little report
7 ft
8 ft, 4 in
67 lbs
size variance
core temp.
960 years
physical appearance
... .. /ʃiːˈjudeɹi/ ... .. ... ... ... .. ... ... .
environment and generation
.. ... ... areas of one to two story buildings that sprawl with a consistent building height for miles.
"Still greens, still paths, still places where you see the birds and squirrels during the day, and at night, the air feels more misted than dry." †unknown
.. a soft glow of light that so strongly ... . coalesces.𖼠
𖼠 "They used to say that shadows and anti-matter were one and the same." †unknown
behaviour and effects
... follows on a path. ... ... the shiuuderi likes to walk down meandering footpaths.
interactions with sensitives
The shiuuderi follows the shadow of any sensitive it encounters, unable to react to the sensitive themselves. It can be killed by the sensitive without resistance; it also displays no fear towards any of the shadow's movements, no matter how abrupt. If at any time, the shadow becomes no longer visible, the shiuuderi loses all interest in the sensitive until their shadow reappears. As it looks upon this shadow, some shiuuderi display slightly cloying motions, as though attempting to ingratiate themselves with the shadow. If allowed, it will lay within the area of the shadow ... ... ..
"It had been told what to look for... but not closely enough, it seemed." †unknown
"I watched it sleep for a while that way." †unknown
After spending a sufficient amount of time around a sensitive's shadow, the shiuuderi leaves of its own volition. Once it is around three miles from the sensitive, it begins to search for a secluded, but not overly compact environment. Sufficiently ... .. sated in its seclusion, it projects a copied duplicate of the sensitive's shadow in front of it on the surface upon which it sits or lays. It watches this projected shadow for 890 to 98,298 days, during which time ... .. the shadow loses fidelity and opacity, upon which .. the shiuuderi returns to its wander in search of a new ... sensitive.𖼣
"They had heard of it but they went there anyway. They had to see it with their own eyes." †unknown
𖼣 "Here's what I know: there's a kind of shiundevrarian type o' call-a-bout norishness, don't you think the sznarlies of 'em would have called up snap-toothed to call of 'em? You'd be shocked to think but that, but that's what still the vast o' 'em turned blind-eye to and instead pressed their gaze (how could they not see the fracture that it left behind?) against the walls of the subways. The places up there became oases and the desert all as once. And yet, and yes, a calm still could somehow carr' yon." McZahe, Vandal. A Collected History of the Financial States, replacement volume 7XVII, 8,339
aging and death
... ... .. . ... . metamorphosis .. . a shadow, with more "absorptive" shiuuderi having ... darker and slightly more attenuated shapes than a less "saturated" shiuuderi.
When this shadow fades, there is no corpse to leave behind.
"It followed me for only half a mile... ten years earlier, and I might have unwrapped a stone and placed it on the path behind me for good luck, but I'd stopped keeping pebbles. I thought that it had actually given up earlier, it's funny, when I stopped for a moment to take a bite of fruit, but when I turned around, there it was, making its peace with my shadow. It went its own way when I left that wooded patch... "