we couldn't get enough

zen dy
stuck on the bus!!!!!!!
[ β––β–˜β–Ÿβ–›/β–œβ–œ/β–›β–œ | 09:09PM ]
[ emotion | kinda horny i guess ]
[ music | just random rap stuff on the radio ]
I get the feeling that Argona thinks I’m kind of weird...even though I thought she was weird...but like, COOL weird, like me?? She’s hanging out with Olivia now. Like, ALL the time??? Or at least when she’s not by herself? working on something new?? and she won't EVER give me a ride downtown. and two days ago i had. to take. the BUS.
SOO more about the bus thing. (got distracted by some thingggggggs loll)
the whole time, I kept getting this bad vibe. like I was gonna run into someone I used to know. but then I got kind of an adrenaline rush, too, like there might be a confrontaton or something. cuz what if it was Adrian!
but then I got off the bus.
and mostly I just needed to pick up groceries. like, the GOOD kind this time. and I remembered those supplements that Default was always telling me to get for my skin and it was the only store that had them, and I actually got a bunch.
BUT!!!! on the way back from the grocery store?? I saw a zendy and i was like hghhhhhh cuz i'm alwaysss looking for those..... always!!!!!!
but i was stuck on the bus!!!!!!!!!
tagged: bogus shit cock blocked FUCK ADRIAN BTW!!!!!!!!!!!