the poets
prefix holo suffix drone
rougetza forefront
3 ft, 8 in
4 ft
size variance
core temp.
10-100 weeks
no. appearing
physical appearance
The holodrone /ˈhɑlədɹəʊn/ is a red stranger that appears as a flat plane of less than one hundred atoms in width. Its body remains visible even in pitch black surroundings, though it does not cast off any glow upon surfaces nearby. Holographic in form and impervious to all physical interaction, its destroyed only by laser beams, which dissolve its flesh upon contact. While it cannot heal from these injuries, it is killed only when its body becomes bisected.
The holodrone speaks in a pitch too high to be heard by most individuals, but which causes headaches and ear strain for prolonged periods of time. It flickers in time with its words.
Cini hollure, phrace tue say ruel, too cruel.
environment and generation
The holodrone can appear anywhere, fading into view over the span of several seconds to two hours. More stable holodrone tend to take longer to appear.
behaviour and effects
The holodrone is stationary and undecided in its demeanor, its only physical movement an infrequent blink. A somewhat talkative stranger, it speaks several times per day, and for several hours at a time. Each holodrone is more talkative at different hours of the day.
interactions with sensitives
The holodrone becomes affixed to any sensitive that it encounters. A holodrone affixed to a sensitive floats at a distance of exactly two body lengths. As the sensitive walks forward, so too does the holodrone's position change to reflect this. The angle of its body, and the angle at which it is affixed to the sensitive do not change. As such, it cannot be touched by the sensitive to which it is affixed.
An affixed holodrone fades away once the sensitive leaves a location at which the stranger's manifestation can be supported (for example, once the sensitive enters a populated area).
Physical contact with the holodrone causes a vague euphoria (akin to the rush of relief following a deep tissue massage), as well as an ability to transcribe a specific poem for thirty minutes following contact.
I wrote these words at first on cotton;
they came out too cruel and rotten
to commit to paper later
due for the incinerator.
Even though I tried to say
The phrases that all slip away,
No longer is there lasting gesture
Place this letter 'neath your vesture,
Recognize the maze somehow
And see the cage you're in right now.
Slip between the bars to follow
Paths beyond the hearth and hollow.
aging and death
A holodrone which reaches the end of its natural lifespan fades away on its own.