stop! zebras are going extinct!
help conserve their habitat now, buy zebra plush toys, notebooks, polyester sweaters, real sustainable zebra belts, and a portion of proceeds go to real conservation awareness like this! ¤F ¡y ­ø
millions dying every second !!!
It's been nice Now some ... Context and meaning, both aesthetically pleasing and fun to play examples You don’t use it in registered and unregistered projects, he asked the psychic, while X X X DREAMY WET »

whys it gotta be that way??
man im just trying to hang out with my new pal but someone put all this crypto nonsense stuff on the front of it, and when i took it off it got all cruddy cuz of the tape. i just feel like that was blatantly disrespectful cuz i only just bought it and how am i gonna take it anywhere with the front lookin scuffy. be bad enough if you crumpled it all up but now it looks like i just dont care and thats rude.
some people are just here tryin to enjoy the strangers, and didn't ask for some abstract art problem on it. zebra out.
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this stranger possesses a disposition.

there's still a way out of the maze!?
it's not a trick - you don't have to stay trapped, hiding out in dead-ends – you can still escape their phenomenal illusions, when the only way out is deep inside! ÀY ´N ¬O ³o ¼Ë ¡
it's a "zoo" – in your wardrobe?
hippo skin boots, flamingo coats, leopard smoking jackets...? and they're still ® on sale?? and wait ... now º ¡C » they've got bling??? »