is your shyness preventing you from reaching out?
learn how to go to the DMV remotely, mail-in options for evaluations, license renewals, simple medical precedures, remote surgical visits, no-contact ¤¶ ²Ð »
you didnt know, & loved ones wont TELL you??
we're not supposed to make "those" jokes anymore. and now, you'll never speak to your friends or family again, without ## blackmail, hidden secrets, soft force, involuntary dÉtails until everyone's §A ¦¨ ¤F »
you can make a virus today,
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looking to make friends? visit a rare sub-strain
the security cameras down by Mollywood picked up some sightngs of luminderixy! this is a very hard to observe strain due to its timid nature, construction is starting back next week so there isn't too much time to see it, if you're a stranger lover, let me know and we can see it together :)
and if you're neuridivergent, differently abled, or if you are in a circumstance where you might have trouble with leaving th ehouse, i would love to be a supportive friend to observe this special and gentle sub-strain ^_^
im only comfortable meeting afab people, sorry! and NO pervs or stranger haters!!
listed on ▙▚▘▞/▞▛/▝▜ at 01:24AM
this stranger possesses a disposition.

can't get rid of your allergies?
are you allergic to mold, pet dander, certain tones of voice? that's a real allergy!!! get an exemption card, "legally" they can't make fun of you, allergy cards, legal privileges ¤§
it's one in a million...
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