the circus
prefix coa suffix grene
ozo joull
1 ft, 9 in
2 ft, 6 in
0.17 lbs
size variance
core temp.
960 years
physical appearance
The coagrene /ˈkoʊægɹiːn/ .. ... Its body is nothing more or less than skin ... . the warning-red of a matchstick head. ... . .. .. ... ... ... . .. . . ... . ... . ... ... .. . ... ... . ... ... . ... . ... ... . ... .. . It seems impervious to wind or rain, although it is not holographic and does have a physical form if touched – albeit only a slight one. It deforms heavily when pulled, but is not fragile. ...
environment and generation
. .. .. .. ... . ... ... . ... ... ... .. . ... . ... . .. ... .. ... ..
"Sticking to the areas marked so flagrantly by neon. Brothels, peep shows, penny arcades." †McZerald, Callum
"At sunset, the sky would match its skin." †Leii, Lanzanszky
behaviour and effects
.. ... ... ... Resembling a jellyfish in its pulses, the coagrene floats through the world, airborne .. ... ... .. ... . casting only a slight crimson light outwards from its surface.
... ... .... ... .. ... Though it floats in the air without without aim .. ... . drifting close enough to billboards or neon signs that . ... .. .. . might believe these things have caught its interest.
"They stared up-ward from beneath, and their eyes seemed to flow upwards with blood. A sense of joy overtook them in full."
Znt. Esau Conųonļcð. The Great Embargoes.
When ... ... upon the ground prematurely, it is not able to float upwards once again, and instead becomes affixed to the ground. This 'grounding' does not kill the coagrene .. ... .. .. . ... . .. . ... and it continues to live out its life, relentless in its struggles, but airborne no more.
interactions with sensitives
... The range of its motions limited (or reduced) only to twitches and in-out throbs, each of its pulses causes, at minimum, a brief reversal of blood flow in sensitives nearby. Larger spasms can even cause the blood to flow backwards for ten to thirty seconds, as well as some other side-effects ... .. . notably, bleeding from the eyes and gums, causing the characteristic "Auguste's mask" of the coagrene's victims.
A 'grounded' coagrene, with its ceaseless twitching, becomes far more dangerous than an otherwise serene floating individual.
Regardless of ... ... . its effects are strongest at the beginning of its life, and diminish over time.
"Like fish swimming upstream... doing so to escape whatever trap has been set now. Squeezing through... that burst could be the difference between life and death!" †Polo, Cargori
aging and death
As it ages, it drifts closer and closer to the earth ... ... only when caught upon the ground by old age ... does it seem content to die.
"The quiet tones filled the air around it; cylinders of light, of sounds as well, geometric sounds. Its glow turned from red to white. So too, its eyes they curved upwards into small lunes. It wanted so badly to sleep, you know." †Yashiriex, Sindre
"Carried downwards, it did not need to move, the currents were its guide and their own small hands (each current something compressed by 87,399,387 of these hands, you know; lacking a skeletal structure but inevitably left behind, ghosts left behind each time that one of them – one of anybody – gives themselves over to contact with – the physical world.) The city below had no way of seeing it, and it had no way of seeing us. To be pressed into such a shape, and, in this way, I will call behaviour a "shape", it felt so cruel, what we did to it without knowing."
†Polyneuxe, Fiilliip
"I found it on my walk the next day. Caught in a tree; I looked up. The branches were thin, and the leaves had not yet come back after the winter. The wind shook the tree and the one-or-two leaves left behind by the last summer rattled out enough, but the beast, aside from being moved along with the branch, did not billow; it merely rose and fell. The tear duct on my left eye began to twitch and then stopped before I could raise my finger to the skin. The air was so cold, and it made my skin feel dry.
I returned a week later, and there it still was. The tear duct on my left eye again began to twitch and stopped no less suddenly than the last time."