The Sadists
prefix dero suffix droni
vendicondix shaveri
5 ft
16 ft, 6 in
13,630 lbs
size variance
core temp.
3,943 years
no. appearing
physical appearance
The derodroni /ˈdɛrədroʊni/ is a narrow-jawed, sharp-toothed stranger with attenuated, sprawling features. Pale in coloration, its stripes present with mottled edges, its eye markings red-rimmed and enflamed in the immediate area. Although slick to the touch, the derodroni's cold, clammy skin does not attract dirt, and leaves behind no fluid or residue upon any object it touches. Its dull pink flesh is stringy and slimy,πŠ‘ and the derodroni's body cavity is small and vestigial, possessing a small set of varied grey organs, any parallel to known structures indeterminable.
πŠ‘ But it doesn't stop you from wanting to try it out.
In 17.7% of individuals, this muscle tissue contains numerous small slivers of metal; muscle tends to congeal slightly around these shards as the derodroni ages. Although sharp, these these shards are weak enough to be bent with little difficulty,δΉ† and are pewter-like in color, texture, and luster.
δΉ† "I finally hard my hands upon it. They bent, like they were made of wax! But then I put the edge against my skin, and it was so hard.
I'd tunneled deeper than any other had gone before. I'd expected a temple to await me; bare with space for offerings to burn. Instead – cursed, teased, led astray; that was how I'd been deceived once more." Ricarda Pointe Shearer. Phenomenon Papers #3.
The flesh retains a temperature roughly 10-12°F cooler than the surrounding area, and does not heat up significantly when exposed to things that glow red with heat. Its regenerative ability is minimal, taking up to several years to heal from even an inch-deep cut, with scarring always pinching outward from the wounds.
The derodroni's voice,π‹Š is high in pitch, droning, and creaking, sounds run through a bargain bin filter, with abrupt tonal shifts, undertones of record scratches. These words are too distorted for linguistic structures to be determined, aside from the occasional sibilant.𐋋
π‹Š Which sort of sounds like "zylv nit some- thn- zylv".
𐋋 The ones that sound like "zv, zv, zv."
Zrrrzrrrzrzrrrrrzrzrrrr, zhnnnnnzzzzz.
environment and generation
The derodroni appears two to three miles underground, where it generates in natural hollows between large rock layers. It starts off in a limbless, neotenic form which nearly squirms㇀, then reaches full size in a sudden embellisment after several weeks. Despite its relatively large size when fully grown, the derodroni does not appear within spaces which would allow it room to move,⼍ but instead appears only within tight gaps and crevices.
㇀ So ready to be free! It has waited its whole life for this, you see!
Ricarda Pointe Shearer. Phenomenon Papers #5.
⼍ For can you imagine what it would do with so much space? Why, nothing but plot our demise! But still, their looming beams radiate upwards...
Ricarda Pointe Shearer. Phenomenon Papers #6.
Although the derodroni appears by itself 99.989% of the time, "groups" of individuals do occasionally form in proximity to one another, with certain cities displaying a greater tendency for groups of derodroni.
behaviour and effects
The derodroni's avaricious and hostile demeanor remains curtailed by its entombment. Its constricted territory gives it just enough room to slip a finger between itself and the wall, but not nearly enough space to change its position beyond an occasional shiftκ’“ of its arms, a reshuffling of its legs, or a sliding of its tail or head.
κ’“ -but it still can't move a city! You don't think it would want to fall in line with its friends, though?
Ricarda Pointe Shearer. I Remember Muralia.
interactions with sensitives
The derodroni elicits severe and specific pain to sensitives in the city beneath which it dwells, causing the sensation of a knife embedded in the head, chest, throat, or below the belly button, albeit with no actual physical injury.κ’— This sensation occurs abruptly and ends just as suddenly, affecting individuals for no less than 34 seconds, but no longer than seven minutes, with most incidences tending towards shorter durations.
κ’— You thought you were being stabbed? It was only their trick, in fact...!
Ricarda Pointe Shearer. Phenomenon Papers #613.
The criteria by which individuals are affected appears random; in some cities, all sensitives may be struck with almost daily occurrences of this sensation, whereas in other cities, only one sensitive㇆ may be affected for the entirety of the derodroni's life.
㇆ Well, by now you probably know what happened with Shearer – rest in peace. But, to the luckiest of the unlucky few, there are ways to benefit the mind, and so much more, from the extraction, clinical, and recreational use of psycholy, red milk, and other chemicals. No more sneaking around where you won't be seen – you can bring these substances right out with you, or harvest them as they generate naturally. Elly Prauzner. NTSC-K vacuum tubes, and an introduction to dissembly.
Otherwise, as it is found only many miles㇏ beneath the ground, there are no known interactions between sensitives and derodroni.
㇏ Beneath the basement stock room is a generator room. Beneath the generator room is a second basement. Beneath the second basement is a great hall, and inside the great hall are empty display cases and blank placards on the front. Beneath the great hall is a narrow corridor, and the corridor leads down to a staircase. At the bottom of the staircase is a room. This room is the deepest in the city. I burnt the papers, there, and made a pit. Nu Kong. Phenomenon Papers #1102.
aging and death
The derodroni dies slowly, unable to either prevent or expedite its demise. As it ages, the derodroni's hissing and squirming eventually giving way to shuddering whimpers and a decrease in physical activity. When this stranger dies, its skin shrivels and entangles itself over a soft, dark corpse which becomes unidentifiable as it decays, with only those individuals containing metals leaving behind any monument.২
২ I had escaped their clutches once again! I shaved some metal from the side of the tower, and that night, I wrapped the shavings in cloth and made a talisman. This object gave me strength as I went down there... I alone.
Ricarda Pointe Shearer. Phenomenon Papers #945.