you got written out again???? ¦¹ ¥H why won't they let you WIN ? ? ?
oh've got to fight your worse enemy...and the producers have already decided that you get to be the loser! »
you're a "nice guy", but...
can't get ahead? looking for something... substancial?

Don't know much about it and possibly dangerous beyond it's psychic effects
DISSEMBLERS ASSEMBLE: Assassination Mission
Looking for a disssembler and some volunteers ASAP to help tear this thing down. It popped up on Coldlake and Hartford St. behind the elementary school last month and we've are pretty sure it has been causing kids to run into traffic. It keeps repelling us when we go near it (making us turn and walk around) so we need a dissembler to go in there and deactivate it. It is also looks immobile like a fressidrene - damn tough - so we are looking for some strong folks to help us try and pry it loose or smash it. We need it GONE!!!
listed on ▖▛▚▝/▞▝/▗▞ at 02:01PM
this stranger possesses a disposition.

all macho, 100% masc, straight-acting, "no feminine mannerisms", "TALK LIKE A STRAIGHT GUY" now ¬¤Ö
didn't you hear that hot news??
just give up - you'll never get inside!!!