fly away ¶}˳▛▛▛ª± ¯º fly away ▞▞▞
where are ▛ they ▞ going?
▙▙▙▙ we can read ¤▞▞µÁÙ ¶} ¤▙³ your aura ▞▞▞¯º ▙▙▞▞
¼▛¼▛ listen ¼▛▛Ë}▛▛Ë to spend money ¶}▛▛˳ ª± ¯▞¯º ▙▙▞▞º ▞▞ ▞▞

"I'm going away for a while."
"But before I do, there's a friend I need to visit."
"There's a change in the air. Things are starting to change, and they're changing fast.
I used to hang around about a block south of McWexy's, but I haven't shown up in a long, L-O-N-G time. I think that's a terrible shame. If you see me, won't you try and play a game? I might try to tell you something really, really important.
My friend can compensate you very, very generously to help us reconnect. "
Be real.
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this stranger possesses a disposition.

it ¯º ▙▙¯▙▞▞º ▙▙ didn't change...
¶}▛▛˳▛▛▛▛ they're ▛Ë}▛▛Ë lying...?? ▛˺ ▞▞}▛▛Ë
}▛▛Ë}▛ can you ▞▞▞¯º ▙▙ feel it in the water
± ¯º there's something in the water... ▞▞▞¯º ▙▙ do you know }▛▛Ë}▛ what it is?