strangers zeroworld
The first years had been good. But when you learned about those new fields, and our special properties, it was even your unstable little pet that became a test subject, needles and new spines. We couldn't find a throat out which to cry when you lowered us into the the maze dimensions that pulled us magnet-hard, but we still felt your hands on our shoulders guiding us into those monochrome hell frames.
Bind to red hell.
Bind to blue hell.
dialog unlocked
  • "Uhmm, ohh. Umn, yeah, uhmm. Yeahh, let's, hello. Oh."
  • "Uhmm. Uhmm. Uhm uhm uhmm, uhm. Hmmm, hmm!"
  • "Let's. Let's, uhmm. Oh, okay..."
  • nothing else for now.