having a problem with crowd control?
barricades, barriers, and ¥¥¥·| » ¡ §A ¬O ¹L E-Z unethical security
everything's going your way...
everyone knows, you can only live forever if you're famous! don't you want to see how high you can rise?

It's the one and only Mouse that you already know and trust, back from the Yellow Road and still comin down off that after party. We know you all loved the show, and don't think I don't remember how hard some outta yall were hittin this guy all nite! Eyyyy if you know you know, but whether you were there or not, now's your chance to get a piece of history. check the inside for an autograph and some other exclusive merch from yours truly, the meatiest rodent in the maze, the mouse you never want to make miss a meal.
Smoke em if you got em, and keep your mouth open for more treats when you're at my next show, right?
MMMM, that's tasty!
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this stranger possesses a disposition.

it's the biggest crowd of all .
there's more space coming for exciting new venues. buy stocks in our mountain-clearing land-scrapers, space for warehouses, arenas, and bigger arenas!
bags of surplus foods ??? and we have boxes of industrial slaughter closeouts, and we have mystery animals from every continent and more...