it's not fair!!! leaving you out ??? oh, wow, that's fantastic! it's so good, you have
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extra endings - you get to date the CAT!!

REHOUSING: need a projector-mover!! FREE to good home - TIME SENSITIVE
i found this guy in the empty appts on s. arbuckle blvd. the building is getting demolished and the little dude can't handle the outside and is already starting to fall apart PLEASE help me find him a new place to live!! Can you take him??? will do well in any interior room in a home (that doesn't have a window and isn't very busy). a great friend for a cozy bookshelf. i cannot offer any pay but if you could plz help me email me asap SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY must have good record of stranger housing.
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this stranger possesses a disposition.

what if you're secretly a.. p r o b l e m?
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no one understands you...unless they're depressed like you??
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