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sign up for Advanced Humans & Hallways group! (NO DRUGS)
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do you need party favors? look here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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In town for the weekend! Can you help me find these strains?
@ ▖▖▘▘/▘▖/▚▛ 08:00AM
just moved into my new place. strangers and chill?
@ ▝▗▖▟/▝▘/▚▞ 02:28PM
life toys & strangers! how to play safe and love friends
@ ▛▗▘▘/▛▜/▞▞ 05:52PM
The crowd that Default and Bracey move within is a wild one, weaving and parting as parties come in and out of focus, and relationships begin and end abruptly. These sensitives aren't into the dangerous side of things; they're the cool kids. There's the girl who records the strangers and remixes them for music. The laminate who can turn even dangerous strangers into life toys. The dual-hell-aligned psychic comic book artist. And near the top, a sensitive named Kazma Bones – or, , a relative newcomer to North Mural already drawing attention for his "bring a stranger" parties.
Kazma and Bracey talk for the first time when they catch each other in the hallway of the apartment complex that they share with one another.
So, you're that guy, right? I've seen you around.
Maybe you can help me with getting - yknow, psycholy?
a meal fit for a mouse
The performer Xoridromella Oneirohazard, or , places the sucrozynxy for sale on Eraserlist. Meaty Mouse is quick to purchase the stranger, and hires Virgo for his services as a shifter.
Virgo picks up the sucrozynxy, and Xori, showing remarkable restraint, manages to avoid making a scene during their brief interaction.
Virgo arrives at the Slaughtahouse and delivers the sucrozynxy to Meaty.
Stick around for a few, alright? Having someone in the next room really helps me concentrate... who knows what might happen? I might accidentally end up calling someone up... y'know how it is...
With the mask showing no change expression, her fawning is pantomimed.
The final sparkle is removed. She likes her privacy; Virgo has not been allowed to watch the full sanitation and preparation process, nor does he want to.
Now, the meal can begin. The silver fork pierces the stranger's body; it cannot pull itself off. She pulls the mask up; the foamy pink inside really does taste sweet, and it's melting quickly. The further conversation between the two is brief. Through it all, Virgo's expression does not break.
Her last words linger in his mind.
You're still here. They're not. So, what do you care?
Exotic animals – destined for the dinner table?
Why bother with conservation? This tastes better, industry experts agree ...
the situation escalates
Meanwhile, the smoke thickens, and the psycholy boys grow closer to Kazma Bones.
It's fun at first. These are new highs, new drifts upward and out, bubbly and light; vapors to inhale as the cool sensation of menthol washes over their skin. They spend a string of nights there; they start to feel comfortable.
And, the situation escalates.
you're really sure about all of this?
yeah I'm super excited, I can't wait
mmmaybe start getting ready for tonight then :)
omg i gotta go!!!!!!
above: Kazma, Bracey, and Default; though the image is not explicit, the acts are not difficult to infer – surrounded by a cloud of text messages and other images.
Module | Sweeter Smoke
The world might be starting to heat up, but everyone's safe from the fire when they're in the swirling lavender haze provided by the coolest sensitive on the scene. This soft and playful world is nothing like what these psycholy boys have known before... but is everything quite as it seems when you look beyond the surface?
And it just might be that they don't really want to admit to each other that it's not all like they thought it would be. It doesn't feel quite right, and there's something about it that feels sort of funny... but it also feels really good .
Then it stops; it goes away.
It was always just a fling, right?
And they're on their own again.
Ms. Saqui
Community bulletin - PLZ READ
this is a warning that goes out to all sensitives. someone in the community is using an unknown Stranger's sedatitive effects to take advantage of women - so be careful, and never go one-on-one with someone you don't know!
@ ▛▙▚▝/▝▜/▘▞ 08:30PM, EST
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Do we have a dangerous predator in our midst? (tortured strangers!!)
@ ▟▜▞▚/▝▟/▘▙ 10:07PM
Feeling less and less welcome (bigotry from certain sensitive groups...)
@ ▗▘▜▚/▘▚/▛▚ 08:40AM
Taking valuable time to respond to a few baseless accusations
@ ▛▗▘▘/▛▜/▞▞ 04:52AM
Noticing an increase in harassment and hostility.
@ ▝▙▞▟/▟▙/▙▝ 07:46AM
How to be a good citizen: why we WANT the police to help us!
@ ▚▚▗▘/▘▗/▗▟ 05:39AM
Why aren't more of the RIGHT people sensitives? :\
@ ▝▗▖▟/▝▘/▚▞ 03:25PM
Though the diverse sensitives of North Mural try to accept each other, the occasional bad character slips through. Always in search of her next victim test subject, Argona has been keeping her eye on one user in particular - a college student by the name of Chaiden Fossi, the subject of a number of nasty rumors.
exclusive information
you're a man. you have needs.
but mean, mean women aren't letting you meet them. meanwhile, they're being slutty with jerks. ½ ±µ ½ ±µ«áº ¯º ¸ºº discover more about this deliberate conspiracy. »
omggggg omg i am freaking out
i saw that girl again!!!! sara??
gooood timing hahah cuz speaking of, do i have some fabulous news for you 8D
remember chaiden? turns out he's been talking to a certain Ms. Saqui
the two of them are gonna be having some fun tonight BD
omfg are you fuckin w/ me rn??
lolll how many are you up to now?
some environmental laws are just a bit too "liberal". »Å ª¡
they shouldn't make you have to save... "those" kinds of birds.
¤F ¡A ¤] ¾ a representative is a person you can call.
Pretending to be another sensitive explorer by the name of "Ms. Saqui", she lures Chaiden and an unfortunateП sensitive by the name of Sandra Lang, or – into the lethal experiment she has set up.
П her biggest crime: being annoying.
Doing a raid, are you brave enough???
So! This one goes out to all you reading this who are actually SERIOUS. Which is probably NOT a lot of you. But if you want to be a part of the CREW, keep reading...because we're going to GET one of these ones for ourselves.
There's one down by the warehouse on Narrow Street. I already marked the right door, so it's just a matter of making sure the entrance isn't blocked. anyway, if you're IN, meet me at 7:18PM by the gas station on the corner with the sign above it and look for the car with the bumper stickers, you'll know the one.
@ ▘▘▞▗/▘▖/▟▜ at 05:56PM, EST
above: a pair of explorers get more than they bargained for in Gutters #06: The Test
Maybe she isn't as bad as Chaiden, but if she really "solves the mystery" and finds out about this stuff, who knows how many bad guys will never face accountability?
The pair are lured into one of Argona's funhouse traps and killed as part of an experiment involving the ymiridrine's generation and behaviour. Argona is delighted to induce the strain's rare neurological effect.
chuck is totally on to something tho
sooooo maybe don't kill too many after this
how about you don't tell me how to live my life? I don't tell you how to do your business or your pervert hobbies
A dark day in Pussytown
Bracey and Default are deeply shaken when one of the cats in Pussytown is killed by an unknown individual. The event acts a trigger for a series of high-level psycholy experiments that Bracey performs on the all-too-willing Default.
...and just what does he see, in this dizzying freefall?
When alone in the apartment, Default absorbs himself in the complex narrative he has created for Zeroworld; an abstracted tale of society's collapse, first into terror, and then, a garish fake reality pulled apart by hyper-living cartoon beings.
The psychic's degrading mental state and increased drug use, however, begins to affect his friendship with Verity. Though his writing seems to illuminate some larger structures, it often falls into incoherence, and the hints Default drops here and there about his personal life concern his collaborator.
can we not talk about that?
Yeah, sorry.
are you doing okay btw?
yeah, i guess i'm kinda... idk man. there's a lot going on.
Okay, can I ask a question?
Is this going to be about your boyfriend again????
I met Default because I liked the strangers... not this other stuff..!!! I don't want anything to do with him anymore... he needs to stop putting himself in bad situations just so people will give him sympathy!
But, they don't really know me... and they don't really know how it feels... and being with him is the only thing that really feels real.
And he drifts still deeper.
the plan to enter Jaundice Press tower
Chuck has been hard at work at his plan to enter Jaundice Press tower. His goal is to reach the top of the heavily guarded building and kill the condroni colony there, which he believes will cause the strangers infestation to collapse. The tower is guarded by a pack of codo, and many more; he will need to assemble a small group of other sensitives; yeah, he's good, but it's too many to take on alone.
There's Virgo, whose sneaking skills will be necessary – but who else will fight by their side?
Valeks, meanwhile...
Valeks sets his sights on goals that he must leave North Mural; namely, his journey into the upper layers beyond the dimension of the narrative, and into the world of the Meoms and the dimensionarians.
Though it's not his first time away, he nonetheless feels concern about Bracey and Default's mental states, and before he leaves, asks, "are you two going to be okay?"
They reassure him, and promise to check in on him.
They do not check in on him.
Argona, discovered
hey we gotta talk
i found out some fuuucked up shit and you are not gonna like it
I'm done talking to Xori
yooo its not about xori!!!!
Chuck discovers that Argona has been trapping and performing lethal experiments on sensitives. Though she does not face legal repercussions, she is labeled a murderer, and blacklisted from the community.
Local wrestling events move to new arena
In unexpected news, North Mural Wrestling events ...
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All events at the Shamewood INDEFINITELY suspended
@ ▖▖▘▘/▘▖/▚▛ 12:46AM
LIST OF POSSIBLE VICTIMS: contact me with ANY info!
@ ▝▗▖▟/▝▘/▚▞ 11:47AM
DO's and DON'Ts about talking to the cops!
@ ▛▗▘▘/▛▜/▞▞ 06:22AM
Disgusted and deceived. (Supportive spaces)
@ ▜▟▘▘/▘▜/▙▝ 01:12AM
List of Argona Cox's known aliases (UPDATED)
@ ▖▗▛▝/▗▗/▟▙ 10:15PM
another helpful reminder
it would feel so good, right? you could really go for a cigarette ...
you don't need to think this way... beat your addiction now!
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don't even think about it.

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ummmm hey that's kind of not cool? bye forever btw

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Bicycle Day
At a Bicycle Day party, Bracey gets into a physical altercation with another guest, and is kicked out. The drug-addled Default is taken home by another party-goer, Adrian Zhan, who lets the psychic stay at his apartment under the alleged guise of helping him recover from the long-overdue comedown.
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regarding problematic members of the community
@ ▚▚▗▘/▘▗/▗▟ 06:07PM
I thought psycholy was a "safe drug"??? So Scared
@ ▟▞▗▝/▟▜/▗▛ 11:56PM
GET RID OF IT! (ways to dispose of psycholy safely)
@ ▙▛▝▙/▚▞/▗▛ 04:47PM
how to block another Eraserlist user
@ ▝▙▞▟/▟▙/▙▝ 03:34AM
Bracey is unable to handle both the sudden ostracism, and Default's abrupt absence from his life. He gathers a binder of Default's drawings, notes, and collected book excerpts, takes a near-fatal overdose of psycholy, and passes out in an abandoned garage.
Fifi Returns
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It's definitely her, and here's how I know
@ ▞▘▟▘/▞▝/▟▘ 04:31AM
what could cause a little poodle to act this way?
@ ▖▚▛▚/▘▖/▞▘ 05:09PM
It's a funny feeling. (long)
@ ▘▘▛▙/▞▗/▜▘ 03:20AM
We're both receiving some unusual messages
@ ▘▘▛▙/▞▗/▜▘ 03:35AM
So is she back or what????? Tell me what's going on!!!
@ ▜▜▟▛/▖▗/▙▜ 09:20PM
Both the sensitive and standard worlds are thrown into abrupt commotion when Fifi Cherish returns to North Mural. (That week, it's all anyone can talk about.)
Fifi wastes no time; this trip, she's seeking one thing, and one thing only – the thirteen animal bloods that she needs to power her new-and-improved bomb that she'll deploy once more in the basement of Jaundice Press.
you can't help but want to know
© this is actually happening right now, you know. «¢ ©
but it's okay, because you're not inside a maze! that's not the sound of blades, you really are awake right now, and summer's always been this hot! »
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