...and just what does he see, in this dizzying freefall?
▜▙▜▘ ▟▝▚▟▟▝ ▖▗▛▘▝▖ ▜▟▖▜▙▜▘ ▟▝▚▟▟▝ ▖▗▛▘▝▖ ▜▟▖▜▙▜▘ ▟▝▚▟▟▝ ▖▗▛▘▝▖ ▜▟▖
now featuring, blue hell...
Blue Hell... where the glow of the cathode ray tube wall lies always just around the corner.
Come inside Blue Hell... ▗▝▖▘ the glowing sprawl of blue halls, blue walls, blue floors, and their endless tangle inward. »
Though Default never physically𐑽 travels to Blue Hell, his thoughtform receives some level of direct information, as the psycholy's amplification and distortion allows him greater visibility and distance. And, because of his bifurcated thoughtform, he always has a fixed point from which to triangulate relative sensation.
𐑽 But, no one can. (Like how you can't reach out and touch the color blue.)
▗▗ ▖▗▗ ▛▜▗ ▖▗▗▛▜ ▛▜▜ ▜▖ ▛▛▜ ▜▗▘▘▗ ▖▗▗▛ ▜▗▛▜▜ ▜▗ ▖▗▗▛ ▜▛▛ ▜▜▗▘▘▗ ▖▗▗▛▜
▜▗▘▘▗ ▖▗▗▛▜▜ ▜▖▛▜▗▘▘▗ ▖▗▗▛▜▜ ▜▖▛▛▜▜▗▘▘▗ ▖▗▗▛▜▜ ▜▖▛▜▗▘▘▗ ▖▗▗▛▜▜ ▜▖▛
"It feels like someone's... looking in." The psychic looks up past the ceiling as he continues. "...so, you know how you've got your body, and you've got your mind, right? It feels like someone's got the 'mind' part opened up, and they can see inside, and... twist it out, or... something." Default keeps drawing, before his crayon slows; he's sluggish as he puts the page back down.
"It's... trippy." The psychic's laughter is almost too small for the room. "They must think I'm like a total pervert..."
"Ohhh, yeah, I'll bet they were watching what I was doing to you this morning, right? Getting their voyeuristic thrills..." Now it's Bracey's turn to smirk as his hand reaches up his boyfriend's shirt high enough to elicit a grumble from the psychic. "You want me to carry you to bed?"
Default doesn't say a word to reply; instead, he gives a weary attempt at a sulty look, and slumps down with an exaggerated sigh.
Space Madness (excerpt).
▜▛▜▜ ▜▖▛▛ ▜▜▖▗▗▛▜▜ ▜▖▛▗ ▘▘▗ ▖▗▗ ▛▜▜ ▜▗▘▘▗ ▖▗▗▛▜▜ ▜▖▛▜▗▘▘▗ ▖▗▗▖▛▜▗▘▘▗
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