Your vision is out of focus.
That's right. Inside your mind, you can never be led astray. It's everything you want.
lurid thrills, and further thrills await
Just what is "Goodbye Strangers"? would you call it... a one-of-a-kind, transcendent spectacle? or, a terrifying tangle that can never be undone? a fractured view into a far-off future you can still remember? a too-real dream you can't forget? a genuine nightmare brought to life... and just maybe, a twisted appeal to kindness? fact, it's all of this and so much more...
...and, although he sinks lower and lower in his attempt to sell himself and his art, he feels it as a colorful, confetti haze.
Goodbye Strangers... it's the luxury experience your imagination craves.
You can't tell where you are. Your vision remains blurred.
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