MGN Studios, Kings, Lendex join list of year's bankruptcies
"It's a good time to diversify those stocks" says our favorite expert, the one-and-only talking "genuis with paws" ...
Desperate conditions affect cattle traders
Most carcasses declared "worthless" at heap auction ...
A sigh of relief as new cooling technologies discovered
"Coldwarehouses" may offer temporary storage solutions – and new investment opportunities – in an ever-sweltering world ...
It has come to our attention that we don't have time to dip our fingers inside.
It was given to us stale, given to us with particles already on it, given "as is". ▛▙▛▞▖▝ ▚▛▞▖▙▚▜▘▜▗ But there is nothing to drink and there is nothing that we can find that will ever quench our thirst again.
It's harder to remember the times ▚▝ ▘▙▝ ▖▘▖▙▗ ▝ ▚▖▚▜▝ ▙▘▟▖▛▖▟▝ ▘▗ ▘▗ ▝ ▟▛▗ ▝ ▛▛▗ ▜▜▛▙▟▖▛▜▙▘▞▜▖ you did it to yourself, and your mind went fuzzy ▟▚▛▞▙▗ ▖▘▟▖ that had found itelf inside the rent-controlled fast-cash vantage point and ▖▜▖▟▞▜▚▘▚▞▞▝ you just found out, didn't you, what happens when you look down at your hands. You're concerned, aren't you, about what happens when you look down at your hands.
Kaleido influence and lobbying for further ▚▚▗ ▗ ▝ ▚ influence, behaviour-altering programs could be introduced under increasingly codified way, ▗ ▘▖▚▜ to coerce people into taking part in ▜▞▟▗ ▚▖ roles within society (including media and other entertainments). ▚▚▟▞▖▙▛▚ these programs only amplify existing behaviour (and do not alter it outright) ▙▟▖▚▜▘▞▛▗ ▙▙▗ ▟▜▘▚▛▙▘▙▝ ▘▜▜▛▞▞▘ all actions done under their influence ▖▙▛▚ and becomes a witness to this alteration.
The ▟▛▚▞▝ ▞▞▟▙▖▗ ▘▚▘▚ cries out and we don't listen any more than you do. ...this wasn't the plan, was it? Can you really say that with a straight face?
And then an "industrial" ▚▟ ▟▙ ▗▛ ▜▘ ▚▘ ▛▛ ▘▞ ▗▚ ▚▞ ▗▗ ▘▖ ▞ dis-integration, until the hallways become the corridors of the "pleasure dungeon". The world is getting more and more kaleidoscopic.
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