all about strangers!
The website seems really focused on the strangers - it's only natural that you're a little curious!
here are some things about strangers physics.
Strangers are created as a by-product of the friction between our reality, and the external dimensions of Red Hell and Blue Hell.
This processes is mirrored within the strangers themselves, as the push and pull of the sociospace and real world creates friction that causes either psycholy, or red milk to accumulate.

Pictured to the left, a standard (left) and sensitive (right) share a space with a stranger (center). The standard's presence dampens the sociospace's connection to the real world. The stranger is visible to the sensitive as a translucent hologram.

With the standard now absent, the sociospace can settle against the real world, and the stranger can physically interact with its surroundings.
more about physics...
Objects and living beings don't normally physically disappear when interacting with the strangers and sociospace. Sociospace isn't like another reality that the strangers are stepping out of; it's more the sociospace projects the strangers onto the real world, and the strangers themselves are like a hologram that can turn 3D.
The exception to this is any object or living thing that the stranger fully or partially consumes. A half-eaten object, it either disappears with the stranger, or is left behind; whichever avoids a blink.
Don't worry, you'll hear more about that later!
But, there has to be some way to break the system, right?
Like, how can we trap or trick a stranger?
A stranger cannot be tricked.
Scenario: a levitating stranger holds a human from a one-story height. A non-sensitive approaches the area. A non-sensitive's presence disrupts the sociospace shared by the stranger and sensitive. This destabilization causes the stranger to dematerialize, dropping the sensitive to the floor.
The non-sensitive can never move fast enough to observe the disruption itself. The outsider observer never sees the sensitive dropped in mid-air by the dematerializing stranger; the observer only sees the person on the ground.
That seems straightforward enough...
But what about cameras...?
Though strangers can be recorded, all photos degrade to a specific point over time, or when they are first seen by a standard. A clear image degrades quickly, while a blurry image degrades more slowly. ▟ ▗▘▗▝▜ ▙▞▞▞▖ ▛▘▟▜▝▙▘▚▛▘▙ ▚▚▙▘▘▟▜▛▟▞ ▘▞▝▙▘▞▞ There is no recording that can capture a stranger in a way a non-sensitive can readily observe.
you're looking for something, too?
What happens when a stranger is encountered in a very visible place?
You mean, like in the middle of an open field?
The stranger either become intangible, or the space grows indistinct but blurry, with the latter taking place largely at a distance that escapes suspicion. "I was in my bedroom and the window was wide open. There were hundreds of apartments, but what details could anyone really make out?" Regardless, ephemerality is favored over persistence, and a blink scenario tends to be avoided. (Stranger corpses, meanwhile, either grow intangible or disappear.)
and just what is a "blink"?
When sociospace intersects with the real world in a way that would allow a standard human to observe a stranger, something called a "blink" takes place, instead. It's hard to say what a blink really entails, but it seems to be some kind of momentary distortion that disrupts all human consciousness for an undefined span of time (generally, around five minutes).
With a scramble of light and colors, the stranger's body is erased entirely, and all non-senstives experience anything from light nausea to momentary vertigo, but always with total loss of memory of the event, and some degree of disorientation.
People affected by the blink become disoriented, and act as if they're on autopilot. Afterwards, they have no memories of the event, and recollection can never be obtained.
Wow, it would be horrible if someone acted on that! It's almost like you could change the entire course of history, or something!
(...Oops! I forgot, you don't ever need to know about that )
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of course, you might still be wonder what the strangers really are.
strangers are an invasive force.
You may have already had experiences with invasive forces - for example, ruminating over someone that you really don't like. When you imagine a person involuntarily, you are not being physically invaded by an outside entity; and yet, your brain is physical, and you do not want to think about them - so in a way, you are. All the same, this echo of the original person is not the same entity as the actual person; they are an echo originating from that person that now exists within yourself.
Strangers, likewise, are an echo of the real world and all of the signals and abstractions in it, but they are not the real world itself.
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Thoughtforms, the "real world"... this seems sort of metaphysical. It's almost like the author doesn't care about making it accessible to the readers at all!
Is this even ethical?
And, what does it mean that "strangers aren't alive"?
Like an empty, the stranger's internal space is a void specifically lacking conscious experience. A stranger is not occupied by a thoughtform, and is unable to feel or choose. (So if you were a stranger, there wouldn't be a "you" inside at all.)
"Not alive"... are you sure that the author's not just trying to make himself feel better?
Hmm... do you feel bad when you think bad thoughts about the people you don't really like? do you think it really hurts them? Or, do you think that it hurts you?
Hey, can you mentally visualize a person?
Oh, yeah! I'm doing it right now!
You know... even though you can do anything you want to them inside your mind, imagining their blood and guts won't teach you more about anatomy... but that doesn't mean it's not really fun to try, right?
Wait, can you repeat the part about the blood and guts again?
Hopefully that helps answer all of your questions – because this is as far as this section goes! If you want to learn more about the strangers, you're all on by yourself... to explore anywhere you want to!
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