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Sociospace is a dimension created by friction between our reality and other dimensions, in which the strangers generate, propagate, and flourish. Though it is entangled with physical reality, this connection ebbs and flows. If left undisturbed by standard human activity, the fields settle in a tangible form, allowing the strangers to interact with the concrete world. The shifts of connection and disconnection can never be observed by a standard human, as a stranger will always shift out of reality before being perceived.

Nowhere is a dimension inhabited by ghosts and ghost strangers.
But, we still might need a little more explanation.
The narrative in Goodbye Strangers takes place in multiple dimensions, many of which are nested within each other.
The fictional world of North Mural (2) exists within the "real world" of Behind the Curtain (1). North Mural, as well, contains its own fictional reality – the techno-hell of VHZ (3), as portrayed in the in-world game, Zeroworld.
The diagram to the right, meanwhile, shows the recursive nature of the VHZ future (and the pattern-breaking overlap that coincides with the flood), which Default's intuitive nature as a psychic allows him to perceive.
The Hells
The Hells are powerful dimensions that are adjacent to our own. Although they cannot be physically visited, nor can their internal structure be readily inferred, their fields influence various structures, interactions, and properties. The spaces in which the strangers dwell are constantly being pulled and influenced by the outside dimensions of Red Hell and Blue Hell, as are the thoughtforms and strangers within.
Blue Hell
Blue Hell is a dimension that projects blue hell fields. It resonates with certain types of strangers, causing them to produce psycholy as a byproduct of this resonance.
Blue Hell shares its shape with dissociative episodes, and the loss of the self. The ego is erased, and the outside world pours in. Its edges are hard, and monochromatic.

Red Hell
Red Hell is a dimension that projects red hell fields. It resonates with certain types of strangers, inducing the production of red milk.
Red Hell shares its shape with psychotic episodes, and the muddling of the self. The ego boundaries become diffuse, bleeding in and out freely with the outside world, like dye on a page dipped in water.
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