You're almost to the top, when you look up at the gosdragon as it lands right it front of you. You put your hands up out of reflex, except, the gosdragon stops and suddenly looks at you like it respects you a lot. Good thing you maxed out your coolness stat – the gosdragon is really scary, but you want to be its friend! It looks like it could beat up all of your bullies by mangling their bodies, and it's roaring and wants you to climb on top of its back where there's a saddle and it's your size, too.
You were cool enough to ride a Gosdragon.
did you know?
Children in the third world don't have to go to school at all. Sounds fun, right? Wrong. It's because they're working, or dying, and that's not "wicked rad" at all. In fact, it's even worse than double detention!
What is a Gosdragon? GOSS-drag-un
A gosdragon is a ...
The Dramatic Pantheon
The thirteen gosdragonsa act as a within the narrative, the chronicling the cataclysmic journey and the savage fights between them as they converge upon the northernmost point, where the lighthouse awaits.
a One of the few named species in the universe of the Fade.
Instead of being occupied by thoughtforms, entities within the Fade are occupied by nurenforms, which exist within a range of physical attachment or detachment to their world.
Whereas a thoughtform achieves "transcendence" by gaining the ability to perceive a wider and wider area of energies, a nurenform attains "transcendence" via detachment from the physical body, until physical needs can be bypassed by directly manipulating the physical processes from an increasing distance, and the physical body is more like a puppet being controlled by an abstract consciousness.
In this regard, a nurenform's abilities can be more directly visible as supernatural, whereas non-standard thoughtforms possess powers that are only relational, and not comparable to one another. A dissembler, for example, cannot be said to be "more" powerful than a psychic, or vice versa. Nurenforms, on the other hand, can be more directly compared to one another in terms of strength, with a gosdragon being a highly powerful being. They're definitely the most physically powerful entity that we're going to see in Space Madness.
Gosdragons weren't originally from Goodbye Strangers - this was a world and storyline that was developed more gradually over time, from earlier collaborative material.
Very little can be said about their physical bodies. They're more-or-less "created", instead of being born. (I don't know who's creating them. Aside from people like you and me.) They don't act or move like animals. Their movements are more like animatronics or a computer-animated model, but in a way that isn't awkward or ungainly; they're not uncanny or non-corporeal, even though they're different.
It's mostly really fun, having an excuse to draw these badass dragons, so to speak.