description of missing content: the cuts from a wide range of strangers. although the packaging and the meat itself references strangers, the products are otherwise familiar. the cans, styrofoam packages, and steak-like cuts are arranged in a centerpiece-like spread.
You made a feast out of the strangers.
did you know?
By the year 2010, we're projected to kill over 50 billion animals for food. That's way too many hamburgers for just one sitting!
What are stranger meats? strain-jer meets
Meat from a stranger is definitely edible. Just ask our helpful friends and sponsors!
oh, !! why would they lie ???
Meat from a stranger, mm absolutely delicious, and healthy, too! You do the math. it looks like egghead "scientists" can't, after all.
come on up! its so much!!! there's more!
great, great ... and yeah, you can actually eat them all, so you're going to want them all!