description of missing content: a huge pile of Goodbye Strangers products, some real and some fictional. plush dolls, t-shirts, posters, gachapon capsules, and more sit in a shrine-like collection.
Even though it took so long, and everybody said it was impossible, you finally did it. You got every single one. You now own every last piece of Goodbye Strangers merchandise, from the , to the limited edition , and you even made sure that he won't be making any more.
You're the #1 fan of Goodbye Strangers products.
No one else has any.
did you know?
Money isn't just for wiping on the bottoms of your shoes. You can also use it for collages, or papier-mâché. Just remember, never put it in your mouth! The average dollar has passed through four people before arriving on your dinner plate.
What are stranger products? strain-jer prod-ukts
for your favorite corporation, and that's a deal you'll want to on your wishlist for this Educational holiday season!