You've made it back to your bedroom, where you climb into bed to replenish your health points and save your game. You're just about to fall asleep, when all of a sudden, a brand new character appears on the screen! It's a big colorful Animalarian, and now it's dancing around in front of you, it's a lot friendlier than any animal you've ever seen before. You can't pause the animation as you're reaching out to follow it, and start chasing it... you start dancing, too!
You were mesmerized by the animalarian's dance!
did you know?
what is an Animalarian? ann-im-ull-AIR-ee-yun
An Animalarian is a ...
Animalarians are dimensional entities that look like two-dimensional technicolor animals. They come in a variety of bright colors, and always take the form of species learned during early childhood, such as monkeys, tigers, elephants, zebras, peacocks, dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, and gorillas, among others. As such, evenĀ a small child who has never seen a photo of a zebra, may still recognize a zebra Animalarian. Animalarians move with undulating sways, and always smile. (That part isn't like a real animal at all.) No matter where they are, their flat and holographic bodies appear to face towards the person looking at them. Because they don't have physical bodies, and cannot be apparently interacted with, it's hard to say whether they are seen or hallucinated.
So, this is where we start getting into entities that exist in a form that's more abstrated and less physical. Although an animalarian possesses the identifying features of an animal, they are not imitations of animals, but are instead constructed out of their signifying shapes (as perceived by people).
An orange and black striped cube with a tiger's ears and tail would not be mistaken for a tiger, but could still be recognized as a represention of one. The arrangement of shapes can vary; some abstracted tigers will have paws but no noses, while other will have noses, but no paws.
Animalarians are constructed from as many of these signifying traits as possible, with the arrangement of these components corresponding to that of the actual animal.
Animalarians act as brainwashed vectors of the Alphabetarians, having been 'exiled' into this distorted prison form and folded into two-dimensional technicolor cartoon animal bodies. The inside of their body is like a flipbook, but this isn't a physical dimension in our plane, so it can't be seen. The "spine" of the flipbook is like a spear pointing in a straight path, originating from the Alphabetarian dimension and infinitely piercing downwards through the Animalarian's body.