You finally found other human beings - there's a big crowd of people, and they're all moving forward. You'd better go with them, even though it's weird that everyone looks scared of the gleeful cartoon characters leading the crowd like nightmare tour guides. Gosh, you're not going someplace nasty, right? Wait a second, there's a mouth-watering smell just ahead... yum, yummy! Your new friends are making food, and everyone is so excited that they're screaming at the top of their lungs!
The Cartoon Animalarian had fun
turning you into a product!
did you know?
Native people used to try and "waste no part of the animal". Words of wisdom from such sage elders.
"Sayonara", indeed.
What is a Cartoon Animalarian? car-TOON ann-im-ull-AIR-ee-yun
A Cartoon Animalarian is a ...
... twisted, black and white cartoon character whose tube-like arms in a rhythmic dance. Servants of the Alphabetarians, they , and the pure ink teeth of the highest-ranking shine with an oily glint. They stand between three and five feet in height – they're smaller than people.
They're really creepy. They're like the "regular" Animalarians in that they can only exist in projected form, but I think they're able to operate through a lot more "vectors" at once; like they can see out of the cartoon, and into the living room.