You got pulled away from the computer and told that there was a "better game" you could play with the broom and the dustpan. But, you're not so easily tricked! All they've done is dressed up a chore by calling it "hunting for dust bunnies", but this isn't a fun romp with a snack you can eat! You can't even tell what animals they're supposed to be. In fact, all you know is that they're not people - like you!
Your mind was degraded by Grey Animalarians.
did you know?
There are over 17,391 species of animals. Boring! Sounds like "Noah" could have built a smaller boat!
What is a Grey Animalarian? grey ann-im-ull-AIR-ee-yun
A Grey Animalarian is a ...
Their bodies are highly simplified, and made of a blobby, wooly, foamy material. Any eyes, claws, or other precise features are never seen, nor are markings. Even though they look like they'll be solid, your hand sinks in when you try to touch the surface. The sensation on the "inside" feels like soft fur, wet rubber, and vapor, and although it eventually feels painfully solid, no residue is left behindĀ - and it's not going to hurt you, either.
Grey Animalarians relate to the distinction between humans and animals. Imagine a pool of clay, from which animate shapes crawl up. Some shapes split into humans, and others into animals. At some point, there is a shape that will be read as some general category of "animal", though the specific species cannot be identified. These shapes correspond with those of the Grey Animalarians.