description of content: a structure made of glass pipes with edges that form a roughly rectangular, cubic shape. the appearance and arrangement of the various-sized pipes themselves resembles the twists and turns of a French Horn or other musical instrument. the glasshead extends past the edges of the primary frame.
You fell out of the spaceship trying to rescue the sor from the black hole. It's okay because your leg is falling asleep, and you wanted to grab a snack, anyway. Your lifeless body floats across the endlessly scrolling background as you finish your snack, a delicious package of crackers. But when you get back, there's something on the screen you've never seen before! It looks so big and it's creepy, too.
You were eclipsed by the size of the Glasshead.
did you know?
There are objects in space that are over one hundred times larger than our own planet! Do you think that's enough room for all the Goodbye Strangers toys that you want?
What is a Glasshead? glass-hed
... and so big that even a spaceship traveling at light speed would take longer than a human lifespan to reach the other side.
Stabilization and
Glassheads are enormous animate (but non-mobile) structures made of glass pipes, resembling the tubes of a french horn or trumpet, but with no horn, mouthpieces, or other exit. They funnel and duplicate the thoughtforms that move through the structures of the lesser hells and into the outer dimensions.
They might be involved in some kind of amplification process; using energies from the duplicated thoughtform for the massive "generative" systems that are fueling the lesser hells.
One thing about them is that in contrast to Probotaxazatonians, which don't have a fixed size, Glassheads do have a fixed physical size. Except, it's so big that you can't really interact with it – so you can only really "comprehend it" from a distance. So, it might as well be relative.