The Alphabetarian made you empty.
did you know?
Letters aren't just for writing cuss words. Without these friendly and completely normal little shapes, many of your favorite works of fiction might not exist at all. (Hmm, can you see any right now?)
What is an Alphabetarian? AL-fuh-beh-TAYR-ee-uns
When you see an Alphabetarian, you might think you're looking at a letter – but Alphabetarians aren't like any letters you've read before!
The Inevitable Alphabet
Alphabetarians are anthropomorphic alphabet letters that correspond to the twenty six (always capital, sans serif) letters of the American English alphabet. They do not possess a body, but instead exist as an "absense of form", perceived as empty distortions through reality.
The impossibly-deep surface of the Alphabetarian's body appears made of infinitely descending layers of a prismatic and mirror-like substance that descends "deeper than" normal vision. They're disorienting to look at, it's really physically painful.
Alphabetarians relate to the idea of immediate abstraction. In the same way that Pavlov's dog was conditioned to salivate upon hearing a bell, a human has been conditioned to show something like a Pavlovian response towards a learned written word. This immediate recognition is not fully contingent upon color or placement, and is not seen in animals. Though an animal could be conditioned to respond to a certain sign or object that (incidentally) bore a word, it would not recognize the specific word in a new or isolated context.
Alphabetarians do not physically enter our world, and instead intersect with thoughtforms and ineract with thoughtforms solely within the higher dimensional realms.
When an alphabetarian passes through part of a thoughtform, that segment of consciousness effortlessly merges with the alphabetarian's tunnel-like "body", and is stolen from that individual. Although a person whose consciousness has been taken in this way appears normal, they lack all internal experience, possess no non-standard abilities, and become what is known as an empty.