You've found the Probotaxazatonians – the secret, final enemies that are controlling everything. They've never left their nightclub, and now they're sucking your thoughtform out like it's soda through a straw. You can see their home dimension – it's scary... it's made of really, really terrible things, from history books and news for grown-ups! These aren't drawings, either – you're seeing actual photos of real dead people! Nothing on the screen is responding anymore as you stare at their mesmerizing eyes!
And now they're right next to you, and you can feel their hands holding you so tight that you can't move!
The Probotaxazatonian stole your thoughtform!
did you know?
Imagine an outdoor picnic party with all of your best friends. It would be awful if you didn't know "stop, drop and roll", and there was a nuclear bomb.
What is a Probotaxazatonian? probo-taxa-zuh-TONE-ee-un
A Probotaxazatonian is a higher dimensional entity that both and consumes the lower dimensional thoughtforms as a form of recreational drug.
and these decadent entities who never leave the nightclub dimension in which they dwell, their bodies (with distended stomachs and spindly arms and legs) sprawled out in obscene using built into the walls of the dimension itself.
They're purely hedonistic; they only do things to enhance their pleasure. and clothed in skin-tight bodysuits that can never be removed completely. (Imagine peeling an orange, except you can keep peeling it forever, and the pulled-off skin gets bigger and bigger, but the orange never gets unpeeled, or gets any smaller.)
Their labyrinthine nightclub is highly decorated with historical atrocities of varying sizes. The atom cloud following the bombing of Hiroshima makes its appearance as a mini-lounge with a private room inside the cloud's center. These "duplicate atrocities" are either hard like rubber or plastic, or holographic... depending on which property is preferred.
I guess the natural question is, what's the link between the Probotaxazatonians, and the strangers. The Probotaxazatonians have those puppets, and you can see their searing magenta bleeding through in the ads. But, the strangers as a whole don't have a specific general relation to advertising, nor are the miri- strains any more related to the Probotaxazatonians than any other particular strain.
It's sort of like a cartoon animal on the front of a box of cereal. The represented species of animal didn't have a lot of say in this, and there's not necessarily any specific relation between the production of the cereal, and the animal in its natural habitat. At the same time, there are these overlapping layers of meaning that are structured in a non-physical manner.
I think it reiterates the strangers themselves as being a by-product. In and of themselves I'd call them neutral, even if the circumstances of their existence tend to be largely negative. They're not deliberate constructs of the higher dimensional entities any more than a cat or a dog is, or a container of poisonous chemicals.
All of these realities can be a lot to keep track of - so if you're ever lost, here's some helpful information you can remember!
you don't have to keep
searching for meaning,
because it's all just noise.
...and now you should feel a lot more grounded in reality!