It feels like everything is all messed up. You're down to your very last pixel of life, and if you lose it, your entire save file gets corrupted, you'll have to uninstall the program, and give the CD to charity – and that's game over forever! You're trying so hard, but it's almost impossible to avoid everything trying to hurt you! Except, you can't believe it - you actually did it? You beat the game with the highest score ever, and got the best possible ending on the whole planet?
You channeled the Megameom's strength
to rescue yourself!
did you know?
No matter what anyone else might try to tell you, you are very, very, very, very, very, very important.
What is a Megameom? MEG-uh-myome
A megameom is very powerful. It can save people from danger. Its head is as tall as a person, and its colorful teleportal face can take you into the meomroom. (But it will never let anything in that they don't want, just like how there is always something inside of you that is always light and can never be corrupted.)
left: as individuals thoughtforms move through time, they select their path from a range of possible options. Some potential actions direct energy towards the Probotaxazatonians and other outer dimensional entities, whereas others channel energy towards the meoms, cubes, and other positive entities.
The megameom is a higher dimensional "evolution" of the meom. Megameoms tie into the world's cosmology, acting as a counterpoint to the more negative higher dimensional entities.
As people in the dimensions make choices, energy is channeled into the meomroom, and towards a specific meom, with this range of frequencies with specific individuals. Once the energy threshhold is reached, the meom transcends and with the boundaries of the cube, with the cube's form growing more complex, forming the megameom's halo. The resulting megameom is then able to interact with higher dimensions to directly protect individual thoughtforms against the influence of Probotaxazatonians and other harmful beings.
Because the megameom is a higher dimensional projection of the cube and meom, it can be destroyed, but is never permanently killed; instead, the megameom dissipates into a shimmering vapor cloud of light, and meom returns to the meomroom, with neither meom, room, nor cube affected by the dimensional collapse.
right: complex structures govern the relationships between the cube and meom. // below: minimeoms, a pre-meom state.
They're a lot more like a robot or a vehicle than a character, in terms of the level of emotional attachment; which I think might be a by-product of them having this destructive and restorative cycle. So you can get attached to the megameom, but it's sort of like a spaceship; the spaceship is a big part of the adventure, but you don't really hang out with the spaceship, per se.
One thing that I think is kind of funny, is that a megameom can hang out inside the meomroom, even though their portal is how you get inside.
Like... imagine going into a cartoon house, and the cartoon house is hanging out inside the house. That kind of thing.