0180 [vale] ry
dream-me daze-me
Valery always generates in a pair of bodies, one pink and one blue. The internal fluid of one pair-mate will have, upon injection, the effect of lowering the amount of the most common sex hormone in one's body, while the other's fluid will raise the amount of the least common sex hormone. Which is which is not consistent between pairs. The increasing/lowering effect stops when equalibrium is reached between gynogens and androgens. Therefore, this fluid can act as a viable hormone therapy for transgender individuals interested in a balanced physicality.
above: hormone molecules.
The chemical makeup of the internal fluid is a complex soup of different hormones, hormone precursors, hormone-affecting enzymes (such as 3α-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase), and inactive hormone pieces; as well as a slew of new, unidentified proteins that likely cause the described effect. This strain gives hope that a substrain variant exists that has the ability to raise hormone levels above equilibrium.
commercial value: