0037 [zaro] droni
zszsphyxxi el-schruudirszzyh
The skin of the zarodroni is composed of minute crystals (similar to quartz), faceted to be highly effective prisms, giving it its characteristic “glow”. The crystals are suspended in a flexible (though still quite stiff) silicone-like matrix. The yellow and black pigment making up its color is composed of thermoplastic road marking paint. Its inner tissue is made of braided ropes of carbon fiber - these are very specifically, at least in the individuals we have studied, the Venmax® Brand Carbon Fiber, complete with brand logos and serial numbers stamped on to the material. The serial numbers correspond to products from the closest nearby Venmax® factory.
above: internal structures of ear.
After much exploration, we cannot find a physical cause for the infamous zarosorivritis. Patients afflicted with it show no visible abnormality or injury to the ear, nor cellular damage. Genetic abnormalities were also not detected in ear, nerve, or brain tissue. How the zarodroni manages to generate its auditory hallucination effect is unobservable to standard scientific testing at this time. It is increasingly likely that strangers are our best window into a greater world of new dark physics.
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