0033 [merri] dronel
jieux tout-poupelle
This playful strain is well known for popping into piles of semisolid nanocomposite hydrogel, popular with sensitives as a skin cream similar to Zaseline®, as it relieves cracked skin and encourages smooth skin growth. This gel is made up of colloidal iron- a matrix of water and hydrocarbons containing suspended metal particles. The merridronel’s internal gel may be applicable as an industrial lubricant. The skin of this strain is as basic a rubber as you would find on any balloon, which the merridronel contracts or expands to move, again by some dark, unsensible mechanism.
above: cancer.
 Exposure to the merridronel’s inner gel causes slow radiation sickness due to high amounts of radioactive iron-55 particulates within it. Long enough exposure in high quantities can lead to cancers and possible organ failure. It is not recommended to use merridronel gel in any personal application.
commercial value: