0140 [keto] drove
ars sequis
The ketodrove's putty offers a variety of commercial uses as a non-flammable filler and lubricant, although it is limited to cold weather applications. We have also found this versatile semisolid acts as an effective and fast-acting topical analgesic - absorbing the putty through the skin will numb and soothe the body and relax the mind. This pain relief only occurs when the putty's temperature is suddenly raised. Warm, already liquified putty does not have the same calming effect as cold putty when placed on the skin. The putty is shelf stable with proper refrigeration (staying below 44°F).
above: neuroendocrine tumor.
Touching the ketodrove's skin, meanwhile, causes what's known as the "ketodrove creep": a slow build up of catecholamines that will, given time (approximately 2 hours) reach lethal levels, accompanied by proportionally incremental mental agitation. Sensitives with Brunner syndrome should not interact with this strain as they are more at risk for succumbing to the "creep". Exposure to the ketodrove skin also increases the chance of developing pheochromocytomas. 
commercial value: