0130 [oro] dromi
olex phlegris
It was by complete coincidence that we happened to be in the Ash Equity building before the blotchman's outbreak there. We stumbled upon a orodromi in an abandoned wing of the building, and Argona quickly took a sample before employees arrived. Under the microscope, the sample was thick with twisted proteins. Upon contact with human mucosal tissue, the protein mechanism became apparent - it was a prion that turned flesh into a dark slurry, with a result that looks exactly like blotchman’s stains. We have confidently concluded that orodromi is the source of this disease, the first wide-scale stranger-induced infection known to man.
above: stained tissue.
The orodromi's flesh, innards, and teeth are all identical to human biological material, complete with human DNA present in false clumps we are calling “strange pseudocells”. While the pieces are there - enamel teeth, amino acid proteins, glucose and water-based intracellular fluid - none of it operates together like it would in a normal human body. Instead it sits in stasis until any part of it contacts human mucosal tissue, wherein it starts breaking down flesh.
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