0220 [hybo] trone
hybus bolaform
The hybotrone's infamously tough skin may constitute one of the most significant advancements in modern material science - if it can be replicated, due to its unique combination of one-way permeability and yet near-indestructible form. Such durability makes it especially hard to study- we have relied on pieces from cracked or improperly generated individuals, and it is possible that such individuals do not demonstrate the full capabilities of a "healthy" hybotrone's skin. It is hypothesized that controlled generation of this strain in specially-designed, robust spaces could allow us to manufacture great quantities of various noxious chemicals. Meanwhile, the strain's volatile core remains an untouchable mystery.
Each different color morph tends to absorb and generate certain chemicals more readily than others:
Yellow head: gasses
Red head: solids
Blue head: liquids
above: x-ray of broken toe bones.
Until its core meltdown, a hybotrone is chemically inert to its surroundings. The main danger during its "lifespan" is its predilection for aggressive physical activity. Sensitives in hybotrone-infested factories report the most often encountered issue with the strain are broken bones caused by falling objects, tripped coworkers, or the hybotrone itself crushing errant digits.
commercial value: