0167 [doco] dori
radeki catchetski
Each docodori is filled with a combination of the following substances:
black-nbluto (melancholic): a thick, dark, opaque paste that freezes and melts easily, but at varying, inconsistent temperatures. More study is needed.
enziomatic mustradictone (choleric): a brown fluid that breaks down human skin, flesh, and bone, but does not effect any other animal in a similar way.
yelourichrom (phlegmatic): a grey gel that remains at a constant 66°F regardless of external temperatures.
bloodwater (sanguine): a thin, translucent-red liquid that acts as an attractant to animals (including humans).
above: examples of all four fluids.
Each disposition-related chemical generated by the docodori has a similar effect upon being ingested (ingestion is not recommended): the patient has a sense of where any strain bearing its disposition is within a city, and the subject’s demeanor shifts to match the corresponding disposition. 
black-nbluto (no flavor): loss of tear production (temporary)
enziomatic mustradictone (spicy flavor akin to horseradish): death (permanent)
yelourichrom (bitter, astringent flavor): loss of ability to parse language (permanent)
bloodwater (cherry flavor): inability to feel satiated (permanent)
commercial value: