0070 [chevra] drole
custos adrillion
While extremely dangerous to human health, the chevradrole offers a useful material combination with both one of the strongest acids found to date and an equally tough, acid-resistant outer coating similar to polyvinylidene [PVDF] plastic. This strain has great potential in industrial applications, specifically in flexible acid-resistant tools and parts. However, by accident we have discovered that diluting the acid to 10,000 ppm renders it non-lethal (although still stinging), and ingesting it results in hallucinations invariably of a vivid yellow-green entity (reported as “The Leering Lord” “His Highness the Limerick” and other epithets) accompanied by religious euphoria. The ramifications of wide-scale use of this new drug warrant further testing, and may be of use in military psychological operations.
above: plastic beads within veins.
Besides its acidic corrosion, the chevradroles's gas reacts with human collagen to precipitate plastic granules on and within the body. The gas is able to penetrate deep within flesh even when not inhaled through the lungs, where it reacts and subsequently clogs up capillaries and other tissues with PVDF beads, causing the chevra concall rex syndrome. These beads build up under the skin and rupture in oozing sores, cause arterial blockages, and pinch nerves. Patients can recover if the beads are removed, but such procedures appear exceedingly difficult. 
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