0420 [zw] drome
zwylyryley zydekko
Zwdrome exudes a sedative gas into its immediate surroundings. This gas has mild psychotropic properties, its effect and chemical makeup similar to known cannabinoids. The strains outer coating is a thinner, more flexible version of the material making up the hard nobs along its back, which is an isomer of polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride (bakelite). Its internal contents are a bakelite slurry and a liquid version of its cannabinoid gas suspended in propylene glycol. The internal temperature of the zwdrome heats the liquid to the point of aerosolizing it, and regular contractions of its body (its "breathing") expel it through minute pores in the skin.
above: activated areas of brain.
Zwdrome cannabinoids have a dampening effect on CB1 receptors. This makes zwdrome “users” unable to get the traditional effect from regular cannabis products after significant zwdrome exposure (roughly about 30 hours within 1 month). Users become dependent on the zwdrome for an effective high, thus encouraging the famous zwdrome "cuddle dens". This tolerance can dissipate if a user avoids the zwdrome for a period of several months, although the withdrawals include vivid dreams, intense paranoia, and a desire to flay one's skin. 
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