0880 [hybo] zone
hybus bolaniboll™
Like its parent strain, the hybozone's skin is nigh indestructible. Its internal core varies by taking the form of an opaque gas. At the beginning of its existence, the gas is made up of radioactive particles of various kinds. Throughout its wandering, the hybozone adds aerosolized versions of chemicals it has encountered to its core gaseous mix. The gas is placed under high pressure, and in the rare instance where a hybozone is cracked or punctured, the gas shoots out violently as it expands. Particles of radioactive metals can be seen sparkling in its expelled air. 
Each head color type specializes in "collecting" different materials.
pink: gels and colloids
purple: crystals and other regularly-organized solids
blue: solvents
above: inner layers permeated by plastics.
The remarkable exterior lining of the hybo-strains are a complex mesh of several different plastics. Layers of varying quality build an incredibly strong meta-material. Tiny mechanical pumps, much like those found in cell membranes, penetrate through the skin. These allow for the one-way absorption of chemicals, and are piezoelectrically triggered as the hybozone frolics.
commercial value: