0109 [cocali] droni
zolapsis trov
Cocalidroni fibers are a blend of aliphatic and polyphthalamide polyamides (nylon plastics) reinforced further with carbon fibers and other, yet-to-be-identified polymers. Its rubbery skin is composed of a soft faux-leather-like vinyl. The inner core is a delicate polystyrene-based foam filled with argon gas. Its eye markings are similarly hard polystyrene with carbon acting as pigment. Like all strangers, the animation of its body does not occur from any physical processes that we can discern, but is instead moved through some unknown means, as if being played with by a being on a higher plane.
above: fibers, magnified.
The remarkable fibers of the cocalidroni are of much scientific interest. These wooly amalgams would be difficult to manufacture, but we have been able to get a reliable "harvest" by generating the strain in a specially designed office space. Care must be given- and respiratory filters are advised- when harvesting cocalidroni fibers. While the individual hairs are strong, the cocalidroni also generates minute particles of the same materials, which it sheds heavily, causing a dense plastic dust in its surroundings that can lead to respiratory issues and blood clots.
commercial value: