0054 [ano] droni
linia filium
The majority of the anodroni's mass is made of a soft plastic infused with iron oxide and stripes of charcoal. This plastic is fibrous and splits into long strands, which have immense tensile strength but are brittle to any impact. The tips grow continually (as the fine fiber regularly breaks off). Its tentacles have a core of a red, pliable material we have named "irneuro-infernum". Its gelatin-like innards are an appetizing mix of fats and sugars suspended in a collagen substrate, extremely similar to a Creamy Zel-O™ dessert. (Calories gained from ingesting these innards blink out upon exiting the sociospace, except in the case of laminates).
above: veins on skin on point of contact.
The "anti-image madness" that the anodroni is known for inflicting appears to come from injection of irneuro-infernum into a sensitive via its long tendrils. Even the tiniest amount of this material causes the effect- the typical dose from an encounter is a single pin prick. Even a pinhead’s worth of irneuro-infernum causes a series of tendrils to extend across the skin in intricate networks 1-3" away from the site of contact. Doses of 1g cause the subject to additionally react violently to reflected images. Subjects report that such high doses also cause nausea, vomiting, dramatic mood swings, and being "haunted" by photographic images seen throughout the subject's life.
commercial value: