0161 [sondri] deri
dorsum eta somnilisim
Skin and tissues of this strain are composed of plant cellular material pressed into the crude tetrapodal shape of the sondrideri. Like the human-tissue mimic strains, no atual cellular processes are present in the "plant cells"* composing its bodies (which are organized more as though handfuls of leaves have been pressed into a dense mass than as if grown by a body). Its "muscles" are made of cellulose strands that fold back on each via an undetectable mechanism. Its plant cells are thus puppeted without true functioning- except for plant stem cells in its back, which grow its famous branches. 
* The plant material of its body always matches that of the species of tree that it grows on its back.
above: wood shavings in cells/mucous.
The notorious sondrideri "allergen curse" constitutes a sudden brute force change to a sensitive's immune system. In a blink of an eye their immune system flips into this new configuration, with no additional apparent side effects. This change does not have any physical basis that we can find - it appears to happen spontaneously at any point after encountering a sondrideri. Regardless of allergen, subjects report particles of wood shavings appearing in their mucus during an allergic reaction.
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