2133 [draso] rome
slandrous tellmonth
Composed entirely of chlorinium dichlorihyde (with a bit of carbon and lead for color), this strain is the one of the most valuable per-kilogram in regards to psycholy production, and one of the most famous of our discoveries. A careful analysis of the chemical reaction that occurs at the point of death for a "full life" drasorome helped us identify which part of the chlorinium dichlorihyde molecule was the "core lock" of its connection to (what would later be dubbed) the Blue Hell fields. We could then strip the excess material off the molecule using a proprietary blend of other stranger-derived compounds (such as buledroni tears), leaving pure psycholy behind. The drasorome’s psycholy production is double that of the second-most productive strain (the ganeshinorma).
above: activated nerves.
The phantom loose tooth effect of the drasorome is caused by a distortion to the sensory area of the brain that perceives the teeth. This is caused by a distinctly-tuned electromagnetic pulse wave sent through the body upon contact with the drasorome's "hand". While subjects show no additional symptoms, we have found irregular brainwave activities in people following this change that may cause variable effects beyond just the consistent loose tooth sensation. More information is needed to determine the true safety of the drasorome’s touch.
commercial value: