0067 [dova] droni
foram a cephnissini
The dovadroni is composed mainly of calcium carbonate, isotopes of which match those found in naturally occurring calcium carbonate nearest the dovadroni (such as found at local beaches or limestone beds). Internally this mineral takes the form of sand, and externally is compressed and laced through loosely with sticky protein fibers. Its skin is also pigmented with small quantities of natural indigo dye and sepia ink. It can act as a convenient source of calcium carbonate powder. The skin construction is interesting but incredibly fragile. While replicating its skin structure may be scientifically fruitful exercise, we do not currently consider the dovadroni to have any useful industrial applications at this time.
above: internal powder.
The dovadroni is harmless to humans except for those with respiratory issues that do poorly around dust, such as asthma. So far we have found that the effect of ingested dovadroni material has on the body is congruent with other oral calcium carbonate medicines (such as Bums®). 
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