can it be true?
poodles in the mail, mail order for a POODLE!
i knew it wasn't a lie, you can really get poodles in the mail
wow, didn't you know?
there's another world inside ... inside the computer that is, a fake duplicate of reality... and they even have their own tiny realities and fictional worlds of their own !?!
now it's so easy...
do you have questions?
but you can't understand it...
they made it so confusing?
¥ ºD ¤F eazy solutions! © © $$$
quick answers to big secrets!
oh! you look a little lost.
don't worry, it's time to...
Forget About Questions!
Hi! You might be asking what this all means.
At first, it might be really confusing - you might even get lost, or start to feel like you're inside a maze. You'll learn more as you explore, but here are a few terms to help you get started.
Strangers: a natural phenomenon that take on composite, and often anthropomorphic behaviours. Although they exhibit complexity and exert both physical and mental influence upon their environment, strangers do not possess a thoughtform, and are not alive. They are invisible to most standard people, dwelling within the sociospace. Generated as a byproduct of human activity, strangers can be found in any city.

Thoughtform: the part of the living being that perceives, senses, and decides. It is equivalent to what is typically known as "consciousness" or "free will".
an average human being.
a person who can perceive the sociospace, and engage with the phenomenal shapes known as strangers.

Sociospace: a space created by friction between our reality and other dimensions, in which the strangers generate, propagate, and flourish. Though it is entangled with physical reality, this connection ebbs and flows. If left undisturbed by standard human activity, the fields settle in a tangible form, allowing the strangers to interact with the concrete world. The shifts of connection and disconnection can never be observed by a standard human, as a stranger will always shift out of reality before being perceived.
Wow, this all sounds pretty weird – and you say it's only going to get weirder? Wait a second, just what is this website?
Goodbye Strangers is a work of experimental fiction! The story is told in a non-linear structure – it's sort of like an image that starts off blurry, but becomes more clear as you explore! The main narrative takes place in a loose sequence of events called Space Madness – but that's not the only level of the story!
Here are some of the fictional characters that might show up along the way... (the best part is, they don't know they're fictional characters!)
Wow, we can find out things about them that
even they don't know! So it's almost like
you can see inside their mind, right?
Yeah, you bet...! It's the best... You should see what a mess some of them are!
hey, speaking of... do you like stories? do you like comics?
are strangers the only entities that occupy this dimension?
▘▞▟▞▝▞▝ no.
if you ▖ ▘▘▟▚▚▙ you might be surprised or excited to meet a megameom, ghost, ▖ ▛▘▟▜▝▙▘▚▛▘▙ ▚▚▙▘▘▟▜▛▟▞ ▘▞▝▞▝ ▙▚ ▝ ▚▛▙▜ or all kinds of other higher lifeforms.
exciting possibilities await
this is not a cult
this is the only real way to have a spiritual experience! find out what they won't tell you, get you in touch with other sensitives, psychics, mediums, and this time, there's NO BRAINWASHING!!!
come on ... you don't want to have fun ? ? ?
it's just a "ferris wheel" ®, nothing to worry about, you're turning down a ride on a ferris wheel? You're sure that's what you want to do, just throw away a chance to have fun? barely anyone died
▞▞▞▞▞▞▞ and it's all real?
▞▖▟▗ ▞▘▞▝▙▘▞▞▞▞▝▞▗▘▜▞ ▘▝▙▗▜▘▝▞ ▟▗ ▞▖▖▟▗ ▞▖▟▗ ▞▟ ▙▘▞ ▘▞▝▙▘▞▞▘▛▘▘▞▝▙▘▞▞▞▞ ▟▗ ▞▖ ▗▜▝▞▘▞▞▞▞ ▞▞ ▛▟▝ ▞▗▙▝▞▗▖▘▘▙ ▞▝ ▗▖ ▘▙▗▞▝ ▟▙▙▗▞ ▘▗▟▙▞▟▗▞▗▟▞▖▟▗▗▟▙▞▟▗▞▝▞▗▘▜▞ ▘▝▙▗▜▘▝▞▗▟▞▖▟▗▝▘▞ ▘▞▝▙▘▞▞▞▝▞▗▘▜▞ ▘▝▙▗▜▝▞▗▘▜▞ ▘▝▙▗▜ ▘▞▝▙▘▞▞▞▝▞▗▘▜▞ ▘▝▙▗▜▝▞▗▘▜▞
▗▟▙▞▟▗▞▗▟ inside your mind, you know.
"Inside your mind"... hey, isn't it funny how the person reading this can hear our voices in their head right now?
Stop it, stop're going to tip them off... la la la, remember, we're just cartoon characters made up by a pervert!
and, you're better than that...
is there someone you hate? what if you knew their insecurities?
finally! learn this amazing secret, use it for PLEASURE or revenge
Hey, that should explain everything, right? We told you to forget about questions! You don't need to keep thinking about being trapped inside of a maze or anything...
Shut up, shut up... they don't need to know about that... there's no such thing as a maze! Yeah, that's it, there's no maze at all, we're just fictional characters on a website!
and everything you need is right before your eyes
wait, that's not a poodle...
don't be deceived by these imitation poodles...! poodles may be in short supply, and that's why these fraudsters are so desperate to pawn off their counterfeit, dangerous poodles that won't pass safety protocols! ¤§ «e¤§ «
do you still have questions? you're not alone!
oh! you've seen it all !!!
§Ú °O ±±±±o congratulations, º ¤ ¼Ó¢Ñ ®Q ¼Ó¢Ñ ® ® ® ® you've completed it! "maze", that's so silly, there's no maze, why did you ever think you were trapped in a maze? ·¥ ¤§ ¬Û ªñ you've already reached the end, you've won, you can finally stop trying to escape the maze! © © © »
this is not commercial art, you're looking at real independent art!
there's been a lot of jokes so far and fun, but, there might be a future without art like this!
don't stay trapped in the maze. don't buy in! adopt a cat and care for a plant, and step away from the maze! you have the strength inside to follow your dreams! believe in yourself!
hey, don't look at that! that wasn't supposed to be there!
Thanks for reading! There's nothing else you need to worry about here, you can just scroll right back to the top of the page!
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