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Forget About Questions!
Hi! Welcome to the Glossopedia. You have lots of things you're confused about, right? Here's a few terms from Primer to help you remember!
Strangers: a natural phenomenon that take on composite, and often anthropomorphic behaviours. Although they exhibit complexity and exert both physical and mental influence upon their environment, strangers do not possess a thoughtform, and are not alive. They are invisible to most standard people, dwelling within the sociospace. Generated as a byproduct of human activity, strangers can be found in any city.
Thoughtform: the part of the living being that perceives, senses, and decides. It is equivalent to what is typically known as "consciousness" or "free will".
an average human being.
a person who can perceive the sociospace, and engage with the phenomenal shapes known as strangers.
Sociospace: a space created by friction between our reality and other dimensions, in which the strangers generate, propagate, and flourish. Though it is entangled with physical reality, this connection ebbs and flows. If left undisturbed by standard human activity, the fields settle in a tangible form, allowing the strangers to interact with the concrete world. The shifts of connection and disconnection can never be observed by a standard human, as a stranger will always shift out of reality before being perceived.
Wow!!! That sounds pretty weird! (And you say it's only going to get weirder?)
Just what are the rules, exactly?
a bit more about strangers physics.
Strangers are created as a by-product of the friction between our reality, and the external dimensions of Red Hell and Blue Hell.
This processes is mirrored within the strangers themselves, as the push and pull of the sociospace and real world creates friction that causes either psycholy, or red milk to accumulate.

Pictured to the left, a standard (left) and sensitive (right) share a space with a stranger (center). The standard's presence dampens the sociospace's connection to the real world.

With the standard now absent, the sociospace can settle against the real world, and the stranger can physically interact with its surroundings.
But, there has to be some way to break the system, right?
Let's just look a little bit deeper to find out...
So, how can we trap or trick a stranger?
A stranger cannot be tricked.
Scenario: a levitating stranger holds a human from a one-story height. A non-sensitive approaches the area. A non-sensitive's presence disrupts the sociospace shared by the stranger and sensitive. This destabilization causes the stranger to dematerialize, dropping the sensitive to the floor.
The non-sensitive can never move fast enough to observe the disruption itself. The outsider observer never sees the sensitive dropped in mid-air by the dematerializing stranger; the observer only sees the person on the ground.
That seems straightforward enough...
But what about cameras...?
Though strangers can be recorded, all photos degrade to a specific point over time, or when they are first seen by a standard. A clear image degrades quickly, while a blurry image degrades more slowly. ▟ ▗▘▗▝▜ ▙▞▞▞▖ ▛▘▟▜▝▙▘▚▛▘▙ ▚▚▙▘▘▟▜▛▟▞ ▘▞▝▙▘▞▞ There is no recording that can capture a stranger in a way a non-sensitive can readily observe.
That should fill you in a bit! And, keep exploring the Glossopedia to find out more info on the physics (and metaphysics) of Goodbye Strangers!
Speaking of, just what is this website?
So, Goodbye Strangers is a work of experimental fiction! It's like a novel, but not one that you can read in order.
In fact, it kind of takes place in two places at once. You've got the guide itself...
...and you've got the world that the guide is describing!
The main site index only leads to Primer and Eraserlist...but who knows what other modules you'll find if you explore!
Speaking of, here are some of the fictional characters that might show up along the way... (the best part is, they don't know they're fictional characters!)
Wow, we can find out things about them that even they don't know! So it's almost like you can see inside their mind, right?
Yeah, you bet...! It's the best... You should see what a mess some of them are!
hey, speaking of... do you like stories? do you like comics?
why not check out Gutters?
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are there any non-sensitives who believe in strangers?
▞▞ Surely, there are believers. ▘▞▞ Not to mention psychics, blanks, and other non-standard human beings who are aware of or can interact with strangers on some level, as well. ▟▗▞▟▖▞▞▞ ▞
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are strangers the only entities that occupy this dimension?
▘▞▟▞▝▞▝ no.
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