0082 [ymiri] drine
orhendrix solon
The ymiridrine's body is composed of many different kinds of human blood coagulants and repair proteins, its skin being essentially one big, smooth scab. We have identified 12 different animals' DNA within its blood. Another 13th species has DNA similar to birds and crocodiles, but its exact match is not currently found in any genome database. The human DNA present in the ymiridrine matches that of a specific individual, although their exact identity has been classified in all databases I have access to- but we have deduced them to be someone who apparently has contact with federal agencies.
above: blood.
The behavior of the blood itself is extremely strange. Its heat fluctuates wildly outside of the body of the stranger- it crystalizes and melts sporadically. It also replicates itself in fits and starts, and it cannot be frozen reliably. We are unable to find a physical cause for this variable reaction. Contact with the blood causes neurological effects- a loud "buzzing" in the brain, increased emotional reactivity, an immense sensation of "pressure" against the body from no known source, and, invariably, dreams of extreme violence.
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